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Now that you are here, you can peer into my life a bit :

My Family walk.gif (4009 bytes)
team13.gif (4407 bytes) The Florida Panthers Homepage

Panther's commercial
(Vincent & Dad are Stars!!!!)
High Quality (4.7 meg)
Low Quality (1.5 meg)

My Xterra
My Old Camaro(Sold!)

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skull.gif (2938 bytes) My personal Anti-Drug campaign

Our trip to New York

Our trip to Chicago

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camerar.gif (4477 bytes) Weiss Family Album
(Page 37 & 38 added 5/18/2005)

My FREEWare Programs

ICQ/IP - Use ICQ to fill your host table

icqip.gif (3574 bytes)

EuSeRep - Add the missing Search and replace function to Eudora with this plugin

  Cantenna project 

ArtOfTanning - A custom application for tanning salons.
(Tech doc on Smartcard usage within the application)
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Links to Sites I've Developed

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