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Here's our cantenna project.  I will pretty this up very soon, I hope.

See this great site on how to build your own cantenna.

Dlink 900ap Access points with cantennas to connect 2 home networks approximately 400-600 feet apart

Here's pictures of the source and target home, taken from where cantennas will be mounted:

We modified the 900ap's to have a secondary external antenna with a standard BNC connector:

Here's are of the Cantennas, one was made from an Enfamil Baby formula can and mounted on the house, the other was a Foldgers coffee can. The outside of both cans were sprayed with Rustolium.   I used this site for the directions and created this PalmOS app which performs the can size and probe locations just like the app on his page.  We get consistent transfers averaging 350MByte/sec when ftp'ing between houses.

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