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(Baby photos - click here)

artanne.jpg (29852 bytes)

Art & Anne giving the Panther's Broadcast


artjim.jpg (28655 bytes)

Art & Jim were bad boys & were sent to the penalty box


VAN.JPG (40329 bytes)

The van Art & Anne were thinking of getting for the kid


BABY.JPG (30291 bytes)

Clothes Anne made, just waiting for the baby


BELLY.JPG (22168 bytes)anne.jpg (12217 bytes)

That baby is getting BIG!

Practice.jpg (20424 bytes)

Anne Practicing

Artpool.jpg (26570 bytes)annepool.jpg (27010 bytes)

"The Sharks"

couch.jpg (18678 bytes)

house.jpg (24472 bytes)

cook.jpg (28027 bytes)