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Eudora Search and Replace

About EuSeRep
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About EuSeRep

EuSeRep is a plug-in to the popular Eudora E-Mail program. EuSeRep adds the critically missing function of being able to search and replace text within a message.  EuSeRep  is absolutely FREE!!!  If you like it, you can   any money to me for writing this useful plug-in.  Also, please check out Shadow Screamers, a cool unsigned band I help out with a lot of talent, a CD, & potential.

Download from

7/11/2002  9,108 bytes

Zip File Contents:
     EuSeRep.dll - The plug-in

sex,drugs&plagiarism. freesample
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Copy EuSeRep.dll into the plugins directory under the Eudora directory.

Application Notes and Features

Version History

1.0 Initial Release

Don't forget to check out 

EuSeRep v1.0
Copyright 2002
Art Weiss, Jr.

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