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YahooGrab Beta 1

About YahooGrab
Application Notes
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About YahooGrab

YahooGrab is a standalone application which will download a range of messages from the Yahoo! Messageboards.  Currently, it can only download the messages from the Xterra Messageboard.  If there is enough interest, I will continue to update this application.  By the way, YahooGrab is absolutely FREE (but you can sign up with my sponsors, every little bit helps - and they are cool sites)!!!

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Why I wrote YahooGrab

The Xterra Messageboard has over 15000 messages.  Yahoo! does not have a search utility for their messageboard.  I remembered a post describing how to "adjust" the cruise control switch so it is always on.  To look through that many messages would have taken me forever.  YahooGrab is a prettied-up version of the command line program I wrote.  It is still in Beta stage & may have bugs.  Once the messages are downloaded to your hard drive, you can search the messages whenever you want.


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Zip File Contents:
     YahooGrab.EXE - The YahooGrab Application Executable

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Application Notes

* You MUST be connected to the internet for YahooGrab to work
* I advise selectig 5 or 10 messages to test the app the first time
* The Target directory MUST exist
* Any files in the Target directory may be overwritten without warning
* Message file names are in the format : MSGxxxxx.htm  where xxxxx is the message number
* This utility is not super fast, but it is a lot faster & easier than you clicking
* When you try to abort the downloads, give it a few seconds to finish the current message

Report any errors to:

YahooGrab  ver 1.0 BETA
Copyright 2000
Art Weiss, Jr.

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