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About ICQ/IP

ICQ/IP is an add-on application to the popular ICQ program. With ICQ/IP your friend's dynamic IP addresses are put into your local host table making them seem static. This allows you to play games, share resources, or whatever needs an ip address with a static host name.  Oh, by the way, ICQ/IP is absolutely FREE!!!  If you like it, you can   any money to me for writing this useful application.  Also, please check out Shadow Screamers, a cool unsigned band I help out with a lot of talent, a CD, & potential.

ICQ/IP has been tested & works with ICQ2000 v4.31 Build 3143 & should work with all other versions!


Why I wrote ICQ/IP (A more detailed explanation about what ICQ/IP does)
I have a friend with a lotus notes server on a ppp dynamic ip account.  We both have ICQ.  Whenever I needed to connect to his notes server I needed a name to get to it (notes only uses names, not ip #).  I would look in ICQ, get his ip, update my host table & go from there.  ICQ/IP was written to do this lookup & editing for me.  Also, this allowed me to ping, ftp, telnet, etc. to his host name instead of ip address if needed.  Any game that asks for a host name or IP address I now use the host name instead of looking in icq user properties to get the ip address.


icqip11.zip from tripod.com or from  icqip11.zip on simtel.net  

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Zip File Contents:
     Readme.txt - This file
     ICQIP.EXE - The ICQ/IP Application Executable
     ICQMAPI.DLL - The ICQ API DLL, ICQ/IP needs this file to communicate with ICQ

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Create a subdirectory for ICQ/IP to reside & unzip the file into it. Make sure to keep the DLL file in the same subdirectory as the executable. Once you run the application it will ask you for the location of your host table. For Windows 9x it is c:\windows\hosts (no extension). For Windows NT it is c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

Application Notes

Version History

1.0 Initial Release
1.1  Added some features requested from users:
  • Added an "Update Now" entry to the control menu.
    Use this if you would like ICQ/IP to update the host table independent of the contact list changing.
  • Added a "Disable ICQ/IP"/"Enable ICQ/IP" entry to the control menu.
    Use this if you would like ICQ/IP to stop updating the host table for a bit, so you do not have to exit ICQ/IP.
  • Added an "Edit Host Table" entry to the control menu.
    Use this to launch Notepad and view/edit the host table.
  • Changed the whitespace in the host table between the IP addresses and the aliases from spaces to a tab.

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ICQ/IP ver 1.1
Copyright 2000
Art Weiss, Jr.

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