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Arthur Weiss, Jr.



I am a highly experienced, dedicated software developer eager to deliver software through the continuous life cycle of a publicly used program with pride.


Company: Magnet City
Dates: December 2003 to Present
Position: Technical advisor/programmer; Contract, as-needed basis
Duties: Create and maintain website; Update custom Microsoft Access software; create custom .Net software; Technical support
Company: Palm Beach County Sheriff Office
Dates: August 2001 to Present
Position: Citizen Observer Patrol Sergeant (unpaid volunteer position)
Duties: Patrol neighborhoods; train other observers; maintain unit COP website
Company: Management Software International
Dates: February 1998 to March 1999
Position: Software Systems Manager  (100% Telecommuting)
Duties: Debug & enhance Lotus Notes ISO9000 / document control software application; technical support; customer training; webmaster; software documentation
Accomplishments: Played a major role upgrading software to the latest release; created the interactive installation application to compliment the software; updated office local area network connecting everyone to the internet as well as setting up the mail server
Company: Online Consulting Group
Dates: September 1997 to November 1997
Position: Programmer
Duties: Programming major Microsoft Visual C++ Object Oriented database applications for Windows 95/NT using MFC, Btrieve, and SQL
Accomplishments: Created an advertising database program which replaced the existing paper-only system; created programs which calculated hourly payroll from time worked and tasks completed
Company: Siemens Stromberg-Carlson (ISO 9001)
Dates: May 1994 to August 1997
Position: Technical Conversion Services Tools Engineer
Duties: Primarily programming major client-server and minor software tools in Object Oriented C/C++ and Visual BASIC; SPARC system administrator; PC support and maintenance; mentor other programmers and co-ops; upgrade customer telephone switches; convert customer telephone switches to Siemens EWSD from competitors
Accomplishments: Set up NIS+ network; wrote numerous internal tools which not only saved countless man hours per customer conversion but also greatly improved product quality
Company: Siemens Stromberg-Carlson (ISO 9001)
Dates: August 1992 to May 1994
Position: Technical Support Tools Engineer
Duties: Programming software tools in C/C++ and BASIC; Novell LAN administrator; PC support and maintenance for over 300 customer service end users
Accomplishments: Orchestrated major replacements of older machines with newer models without loss of data for all of customer service
Company: School Board of Palm Beach County
Dates: January 1992 to April 1995
Position: Community Night School Teacher - Introduction to Computers; BASIC Computer Programming; Windows 3.1.
Duties: Teach adults; Lantastic network support.
Accomplishments: Taught over 20 people per class and had lowest drop rate
Company: Siemens Stromberg-Carlson (ISO 9001)
Dates: August 1989 to August 1992
Position: Systems Test Support Engineer
Duties: Programming software tools; instructing beginning Lotus123; assisting engineers; analyzing and assigning fault reports; auditing software patches and fault reports
Accomplishments: Wrote an internal tool to create telephone switch databases eliminating the need to manually create test databases as needed.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University, 1994


Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual C++, MFC, Visual BASIC, Lotus Script, Lotus Formula, Access, Pascal, CGI, PERL, PHP, VBScript
Programming Platforms: Windows, UNIX, DOS, PalmOS
Applications: Lotus Notes, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Access, Exceed, Designer, Crystal Reports, Paradox, SQL, BTrieve
Operating Systems: Windows, Solaris, UNIX, Open Windows, DOS
Network Administration: Novell, Windows, NIS+, Lantastic
Hardware: PC, SPARC workstation, Dialogic, Smartcard
Telephony: Siemens, Northern Telecom, Vidar, Alcatel, AT&T